Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gedichtendag 2014

Tomorrow is Poetry day (Gedichtendag) 2014!

A day when we are encouraged to think of  and maybe even compose poetry in Dutch. Check out the following link for more details about gedichtendag and poezieweek:

One interesting initiative that you can find on the site is
Poetry at Work… (Or Poetry out of Work)….

A fun look at how we can bring poetry to work…at work!
Why not try changing your out of office reply to a piece of your own poetry.
Check this example out from the Poezieweek site:

Mijn stoel is leeg, de deur is dicht
en ik ben even uit het zicht
maar als er dingen zijn die dringen
stuur deze blijver een bericht:
[mailadres collega]

Joke van Leeuwen

Now try it!

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